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因此我創建了這個Blog,記錄也分享一些我自己,和孩子們一起學習的歷程,會有一些親子活動 (園藝、烘培、美勞、中文等等),也記錄我的教養學習。


Welcome to Our Learning Home!

I’m Bonnie, a mother of two gorgeous girls and wife to my supportive Husband Fong.

Being a mother is one of the most exciting things for me in my life, I’ve learnt so much along the way and still continue to learn.

So I’ve created this blog to document my motherhood journey and activities that are suitable for kids around my children’s age, and the lesson I learned throughout the years.

Hope this would be an inspiration for you to be a lifelong learner for your children and for yourself too!

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